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WorldNet provide a full range of Digital and cloud based hosted products and solutions. A cloud based telephone system can save your company money whilst giving the features of a traditional telephone system.

How to switch to Worldnet

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Frequently asked questions

How can I ensure that I pay the lowest available rate for every call?

By using WorldNet's CPS service

Whats is CPS?

CPS is the name of the Carrier Pre-Selection service from WorldNet which lets you access low WorldNet rates automatically 24 hours a day! CPS enables companies with standard BT lines to make WorldNet their default carries: -FREE service -No minimum monthly spend -Shorter dialing codes -No contract -No registration fee -No new equipment needed

Will I be billed for these calls through BT?

No. We will bill you directly for all calls routed through WorldNet

Do I need to contact BT?

No. We will contact BT on your behalf. BT will send you a letter; this is just a confirmation. They may also call you to try to dissuade you from switching. Should you find any information from BT confusing or if you have any queries about the transfer please call WorldNet on 020 8795 5588

What happens to my current phone number and line rental?

Nothing. Just as with other WorldNet services your phone number will stay the same. BT will continue to bill you for your line rental and any other calling features (like 1471 or Call Divert) if applicable. You will not have to modify your phone line or internal wiring in any wat to use WordNet's CPS

When will my service become active?

The minimum activation time is 10 days from the date of your order. You can check the progression of your CPS request through WorldNet's online account facility

Will CPS effect my existing services?

No. Unless you have BT Call Barring in which case you would need to cancel this with BT before your request CPS

If my number is ex-directory or witheheld, will it work with CPS?

Yes. CPS is compatible with telephone numbers that are ex-directory or withheld. You need do nothing for this to continue

Will CPS work from all of my telephone extentions?

Yes. CPS will route calls made on every extension socket on the specified telephone number. If you wish to have CPS on more than one BT landline then please register by calling 0845 108 2000

Can I trust WorldNet with 'mision critical' voice and data traffic?

WorldNet maintains its own switchg, routing your calls onl along high quality lines. At WorldNet we view all business applications as mission critical. If you have further questions for WorldNet please call today on 020 8795 5588



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