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The Great Switch Off!


Dear Customers,

You may be aware of the great switch off and many businesses are panicking. Panic no more!

As the UK prepares for Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to be switched off, WorldNet have successfully made the transition for many businesses over the years. But time is running out and as you will all agree, time is passing by very quickly. In fact, reflect on 2020 and 2021. Where did it go? We are about to enter 2022 and that too will fly past.

WorldNet has the solution for your communications needs, no matter how small, no matter how big. We can create bespoke solutions to cater for your communications needs.


In case you missed the news on the switch off!

In 2025, the phone lines as we know them are going to be switched off by BT Openreach, which means EVERYONE, including businesses, currently using PSTN based services will need to move to another service before then.

WorldNet have alternatives like Hosted or Cloud based system, Voice over Internet Protocol also known as VoIP and more. Solutions that allow you to make calls using an internet connection.

So, contact us as soon as possible and we’ll create a bespoke solution to suit you and your communications needs.


The Timeline - Just so you know:

November 2017: BT Openreach announced its intention to switch off the PSTN in 2025

December 2020: Certain areas were no longer able to purchase ISDN line or add any features

December 2022: Certain areas will have their PSTN networks completely switched off

September 2023: UK Stop Sell. Customers across the whole country cannot purchase new ISND lines or add new features.

December 2025: The PSTN Network is completely switched off across the UK

January 2026: WorldNet customers will still be making calls and business will be as usual. Now You’re Talking!

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